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Welcome to Real World Software Training…
The Think Learn Earn Proven Method
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Robert Farrell Founder, Director of Think Learn EarnHello I’m Robert Farrell founder, teacher and developer of the TLE Training Method. I involve you 100% in the learning process and get you to THINK the way the software THINKS. Software is a language and once you comprehend how that language THINKS & WORKS, it becomes some much easier to work in that language. All software and menu driven software is based on 3 simple terms… Create Select Edit –

Welcome to Real World Software Training…
The Think Learn Earn Proven Method

I 100% involve you in the learning process… I will get you to THINK how the how each software THINKS… A proven comprehensive learning method that has worked since 1987 – 28 years and counting – Please enjoy these videos below…

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  • Wordpress 4 Essentials
  • Avada Theme Essentials
  • Google SEO Webmaster Tools & Analytics
  • Adobe Web Essentials
  • Build a Takeout & Delivery Menu Solution

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